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Our workshop festival

IFilmAtHome Film Festival is the starting point of the films you made in our workshops. When finished your film can be automatically included in the festival selection.

- Only films produced during the workshops are eligible to be selected.
- All films will stay in our Latest Movies section at the homepage, for at least one month.
- Every month, two films will be selected for the festival finale: one by facebook poll and another by our staff. Those two flms will stay in our website for one year.
- Each year in July, 24 films will be competing for two trophies:
Best Film (jury voting) and Best Film (public voting)
Those films will stay always avaliable in our website.

- In what language are the classes?
All workshops are online and we can speak in portuguese (native language) or english.
- What If I don't want my film in the festival or website?
It's not mandatoy. You can make the workshop and keep the film just for you.
-Is there a limit for the number of films I can submit to the festival?
There is no limit, however each must be produced in a workshop.
- Who will own the rights of the films produced in the workshops?
You will own the rights of all the films you produce on our workshops.
- Can I film outdoors?
Sure. Our concept of home is where you are based. You can film everywhere you want (as long as you and others are safe in this COVID-19 era).
- Do I need to buy or rent film equipment?
No. We don't teach how to operate movie cameras, sound or lighting equipment.
- What do i need to make the workshop?
Skype or Zoom, pencil and paper, smartphone or digital camera, PC fast enough to edit video, lights you have at home, props you have at home.
- Do films need to have subtitles?
It's not mandatory, but films in other language than english would
benefit from english subtitles.